Property Management Department

A rental home is a big investment, and Dolan REALTORS' Property Management can help you maximize your return, while minimizing your headaches. We have over 20 years of experience in property management.

We are the largest single-family-dwelling property management division in Franklin County, and we can help you in the following ways:

  • Advertise your property locally and on the Internet.
  • Screen applicants and help select quality tenants.
  • Prepare leases and collect rent.
  • Coordinate maintenance and repairs of your property.
  • Maximize your return on investment.

Why Buy Investment Property?
The rental market isn’t going away. In fact, with our area’s strong military, diplomatic, academic, and contractor presence, rental property is always in demand.


There are many beneficial reasons to invest in rental property:

  • Real estate values continue to rise during an unstable economy.
  • Rental property revenue has historically increased at a steady rate.
  • Depreciation of property and deductible expenses may lower your taxes.
  • Property can have a higher yield than bonds and other stable investments.
  • Rental income can be used to offset expenses.

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